SF Summer Tales


Spent an afternoon exploring Land's End with my first two visitors in SF! I had only been in the city for a week at this time, so we took this opportunity (with the nice weather) to be touristy together.

Made a visit to Thanh Long for the Dungeness crab and garlic noodles with the crew. They did not disappoint!


Post-crab-dinner walk on an empty Ocean Beach.


I spent my first month in San Francisco in corporate housing, which was located in South Beach. I spent many Saturday mornings walking to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, whether it's eat or the browse/shop the produce there. It's probably still one of my favorite things to do here in the city!


Some snapshots of Corgi Con, at a not-so-empty Ocean Beach.


Feasting and feeding these kiddos! Unfortunately these were the only photos that remain of my corporate housing.


Ventured out to pick some strawberries with Rujia and Jenny in Pacifica.


Classic San Francisco fog.

An afternoon at the Japanese Tea Garden with the sis and her gang.

Impromptu wine-tasting and blurry-cloudy fireworks from Treasure Island with the roomie! Can't beat Boston fireworks, but we got a good story to tell after this one :')

Some memories from the first two months in this new home. It was a lovely time having my sister and her friends here for 1.5 months, so we did lots of touristy things together. Time flew by like crazy these past few months: I didn't realize how many things I did until I started organizing these photos. Summer now feels like such a long time ago now that we've entered October, but we still have tidbits of warm weather here which I appreciate. Let's see if I can get the rest of summer photos out before October ends - no promises though ;)

As always, thanks for sticking with me!

Photos by me.

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