An Overdue Chapter

Dear readers,

Welcome! Thank you for dropping by and checking PUDJEEB.ME out. This has been something I've wanted to start and grow for a while. PUDJEEB.ME is a destination for visual stories of a twenty-something soul living and learning in Boston as an independent design consultant. Here you'll find some combination of my favorite things: travel, food, design, photos of walls, trees, and lots more. (More on that here.)

There are several reasons why I wanted to have this space (like a chance to curate and practice my photography), but here are my two main drivers:

(1) For You.

I have loved ones scattered across several timezones and this is my attempt in bringing them closer to the life I live: the seasons I experience, the food I eat, the thoughts I have, the places I visit etc. Social media feels too much like I'm waving around photographs and shouting in your faces. So here is a virtual space for those who care: you! Whether you physically see me day to day or not, let's catch up.

(2) For Me.

I've been meaning to start a journal of some sort for ages. It's just one of those things I've wanted to do but put off on the shelf because of so many worries and fears. Fear of judgement (your writing isn't good enough, your photos are mediocre, your blog has no focus, and the list goes on...) and fear of opening up to the void is overwhelming. However, I've also had several moments in which I regret not documenting, reflecting, or sharing my thoughts and experiences.

For as long as I remember, I've enjoyed collecting memories whether that's in the form of a museum ticket, a written note, or an iPhone snap. I gain incredible joy looking at these items that enable me to recall experiences - good or bad - because these moments are when I realize the people who were part of my life and the events that allowed me to grow to who I currently am. Although collecting physical items can be challenging with a one-bedroom, I hope this space and be a virtual home I can come to when I need it.

I'm honestly not quite sure myself what this will turn into, but I'm okay with that and hope you are too :)

Much Love,


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