A little more about PUDJEEB.


PUDJEEB.ME is a photo journal run by PJ (Pavika B.) to document, reflect, and share stories of her travels and life as an independent design consultant. She moved from Bangkok, Thailand to the Boston area in 2010 for her MIT Architecture degree and has stayed there ever since. Here you can find some combination of her favorite things like photos of walls, trees, edibles, and bodies of water, with the occasional life learnings along the way.

The name Pudjeeb (pronounced: pood-jeeb) came from her alternate Thai name, which is given to most Thai people at birth. Her full name is Pavika Buddhari and because Pudjeeb was too long for her loving-but-lazy friends to type, she became more known as just 'PJ' for short. The word Pudjeeb itself is a name of this beautiful white flower. Because this name is such an important identity for her - it's quite unique even for Thais - she decided to put forth Pudjeeb as the brand for her stories.

To view her design work, please visit pudjeeb.com